What are
my design options?


Thickness really is a personal choice. It can vary from as thin as 10-12mm used for wall cladding, tiles and splashbacks to as thick as you would like. The most popular benchtops we install are between 20-60mm.


Your colour choice really is endless. We have a range of colour samples you can choose from and if there is something different you would like just let us know.

Size, overhangs and cantilevers

The size, overhangs and cantilevers will be engineered to suit your design. The great thing about concrete is that you aren’t governed by a 3m slab (which most stone and granite tops are restricted by). That means, depending on your design, we can make large custom pieces without any joins to give your project a seamless look. 


Another benefit of concrete is that it can be customised to your design. This means you can have an integrated sink, draining board or perhaps even embed a keepsake or chopping board. The options really are endless. 

Will I have to reinforce our cabinets?

In most cases, no. The crew at The Goat Concrete Co. will work closely with your builder or cabinet maker to ensure the concrete products can be installed correctly. 

What about chips or crack?

Like other kitchen countertop products such as marble or granite, concrete can chip on corners or edges if struck by a hard object. Concrete is susceptible to hairline cracking around thin sections near voids and cutouts like sinks and cooktops. These cracks, if they occur, are not structural.

What about staining?

One of the questions we get asked the most is about staining! Concrete sealer has come a long way from when it was first being used on concrete countertops. We use a premium food safe sealer which is resistant to staining, heat, outdoor weather conditions and abrasions when cared for properly. Outdoor or commercial products may require additional sealer applications every few years depending on use and care.

How do I care and maintain my concrete?

Our concrete products are easy to care for with a little bit of common sense.  
+ Wipe up spills as they occur using a damp cloth or with mild soapy detergent. 
+ Don’t use countertops as a cutting board. 
+ Use coasters or felt pads under anything with sharp edges
+ Avoid placing hot cookware directly from the stove or oven onto the countertop
+ Use non-abrasive, mild cleaning products