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Looking for stylish, practical concrete furniture on the Gold Coast? The Goat Concrete Co has you covered! Whether you’re looking for kitchen benchtops, vanities, basins, dining tables, outdoor furniture, tiles, bedheads, commercial fit outs or anything else, our concrete furniture is carefully designed to provide the ultimate in flair and functionality.

Concrete furniture designs have soared in popularity over recent years, especially in warmer areas like the Gold Coast, where its added durability makes it a fantastic choice for outdoor use?

No longer a bland material reserved for construction sites and driveways, concrete is now being used to create unique, sustainable furniture with an industrial, modern edge.

Concrete furniture designs are limited only by your wildest imagination, and we’re passionate about bringing those creations to life. You only need to check out some of our Gold Coast concrete furniture projects to see how incredibly versatile and endearing concrete furniture designs can be.

We are firm believers that concrete furniture is perfectly imperfect, where no two products are ever the same. It’s that level of character and boldness that ensures concrete furniture is the perfect addition to any contemporary home, outdoor space or business.

Benefits of bespoke concrete furniture


The team at The Goat Concrete Co has a genuine passion for the quality and craftsmanship that goes into concrete furniture design. We see true beauty in the possibilities that concrete presents, but don’t just take our word for it – if you’re considering concrete furniture design on the Gold Coast, these benefits speak for themselves:

  • Given its contemporary aesthetic, concrete furniture works with a range of different interior styles
  • Concrete furniture designs give you full control over colour, texture and shape, resulting in a unique, customised piece you will adore forever
  • Multiple looks can be achieved using different finishes and techniques to suit whatever look you’re going for
  • Concrete pairs beautifully with steel for a modern industrial look, or with timber for a soft, rustic ambience
  • Concrete furniture designs are genuine one-off works of art, which makes them ideal for statement pieces
  • Concrete works beautifully with other natural materials, which is perfect in the Gold Coast to accentuate our love for nature and the outdoors

Concrete outdoor furniture


Concrete outdoor furniture is so hot on the Gold Coast right now, and it’s easy to see why. The natural elements of concrete blend in seamlessly with the surrounding environment, making concrete outdoor tables, chairs and benches the perfect match to Queensland’s lush greenery and vibrant coastlines.

Unlike wood that can succumb to heat and rain, or metal and plastic that clash against the natural environment, concrete furniture will stand the test of time. Concrete is resistant to rain, fire, decay and insects, withstanding all kinds of wear and tear.

Whether it’s an outdoor furniture project, complete revamp of your kitchen or a stylish one-off addiction to your home, Contact The Goat Concrete Co today and let us bring your vision to life.