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If you’re taking on a new design project or thinking about remodelling, a concrete bathroom vanity can be the perfect complement to any home or commercial bathroom.

Stylish, durable and sustainable, concrete bathroom vanities are the hottest design trend right now. A smart way to bring a modern touch to an older home and the ideal choice for contemporary bathrooms, concrete vanities immediately add a sense of character and flair to any space.

Concrete works seamlessly with other materials, so concrete vanities pair beautifully with steel for an industrial look, or with wood for a more rustic, softer feel. Add natural elements like indoor plants and textiles and you have a unique on-trend bathroom that’ll work with a range of interior styles.

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms of any house and the vanity is designed to be the visual centrepiece. Installing a bespoke concrete bathroom vanity ensures your bathroom will become the sanctuary you deserve.



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Benefits of a concrete bathroom vanity

Concrete bathroom vanities look fantastic, but beyond their looks there are many reasons why concrete benchtops are the perfect design choice for any bathroom:

  • Concrete is heat resistant and scratch resistant
  • Our concrete bathroom vanities can be as thick or thin as you like, with overhangs and cantilevers engineered to suit your design
  • Concrete bathroom vanities can be customised to have integrated sinks, soap dishes or anything else your imagination can dream up
  • Each concrete vanity is custom made, so you have the power to customise it with keepsakes, decorative elements or imprints
  • Concrete bathroom vanities can be customised for different colours, textures and shapes, resulting in a bespoke piece unique to your project 
  • Concrete is durable, sustainable and affordable

Working in harmony with other natural materials, concrete bathroom benchtops have become a highly sought-after design element here on the Gold Coast.


Caring for concrete bathroom benchtops

All our concrete benchtops are treated with a highly durable sealant that’s resistant to heat, staining and outdoor weather. When proper care is taken, there is no need to be concerned about the longevity of your concrete bathroom vanity.

To avoid permanent staining, wipe up spills immediately using a damp cloth with natural cleaner or mild soapy detergent. Use felt pads under anything with sharp edges, as concrete can chip when struck by a hard object.


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Concrete bathroom vanities by The Goat Concrete Co

The beauty of concrete is that all designs are imperfectly perfect, and it’s the little flaws that make them so unique and beautiful. If you’re looking for the ideal blend of contemporary and character for your interior design, consider a concrete bathroom vanity.

The Goat Concrete Co can help bring your vision to life on the Gold Coast. We’re passionate about using traditional and contemporary techniques to produce concrete vanities that are beautiful in form and practical in function.

Each of our products are custom designed, ensuring no two vanities are ever the same. Contact us today to discuss your project or check out our project gallery for inspiration