Concrete Servery Bench

Gas-strut window you say!? Yep I had never heard of them either but now after seeing them installed on this massive concrete servery made by us #illnevergoback. And I mean if the Three Birds have used them in almost every house they’ve done they must be good, right!

What I love most about the gas-strut window and this concrete benchtop is that unlike bi-folds you’re not left with the little window tracks in the middle of your servery, and let’s face it, window tracks should just be called - home for dead flies #ew.


Another major positive is that unlike bi-folds or multi stackers the strut window is made from a single piece of framed glass allowing for an unobstructed view. It also opens 90 degrees allowing for 100% of the window opening to be utilised for airflow - perfect for cooling those hot summer nights and saving you money and the earth by not using the AC. 


This concrete servery is HUGE. When the window is open, it becomes an 8 seater dining table. With the best bit being that there are NO joins in the concrete benchtop. Say what? Concrete benchtops unlike stone or granite aren’t governed by a 3m slab. That means, depending on your design, we can make large custom pieces without any joins to give your project a seamless look. So next time you think about planning an inside/outside servery remember concrete benchtop + gas-strut combo for the win!

These bad boys were made on the Gold Coast by C-View Windows.


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